Monday, May 4, 2015

11 more days!!

My baby girl is scheduled to arrive to this world on May 15..I can't wait to hold her in my arms and tell her how precious she is.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Friday, April 17, 2015

Count down

Officially I have 45 days left until my baby girl arrives!! But I always say babies think differently and they have their own agenda to decide whether its early or late.

Can wait to see her and give her kisses on her small checks :)


Monday, March 30, 2015

Maniac German Co-pilot

I still can't believe what have  happened to those 149 people...besides his vision problems a retarded pilot not suitable for flying in 2009 who his training got stopped many times because he was having “severe depressive issues" was later ok to fly?!! I mean come on!! Lufthansa!!

German Wings-Lufthansa is not a small company, it was not established recently, this case is ridicules, how come you let such a sick person leads a plane, manipulate and end peoples' lives?

Even if he was a normal person, going through a broke -up relationship with his girlfriend that should have nothing to do with his career...

But what kills me the most is the stupidity of some ignorant and brutal facebookers and bloggers for their hateful thoughts and grudges of those useless, slackers got nothing to do , established a facebook page and considered Lubitz; the pilot as a martyr in Islam, and praising his act. what an idiot?!!  who the hell you think you are??

Our world need some sort of anti-idiotic medicine and detergents. I am sick of reading about how our 21st century world became so brutal, bizarre, no mercy, I have a hunch that the word " Human" will be vanished soon and replaced by " predator" ..sorry I can't even say " animal" I think I will offend the animals if I try to refer to those retarded creatures aka :humans.

Friday, March 20, 2015


I mean we are still in March, temp is below 40' come it is the first day of Spring??

Bizarre world!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Almost two years

My son is turning 2 on April 1st , yes! April fool's day. Before I have my son I have always had that funny image about people who were born that day.  I've always thought of their "tricky"  acts towards other people, pranking , making jokes and foolish talking.

well I wasn't that wrong, my son loves to play jokes and do pranks every now and then and he is almost two. He loves the hide and seek game so much, as a matter of fact he hides himself under the quilt and pretends that he disappears, or he does the peek a boo thingy just to grab my attention.

I can't believe it has been two years, waiting for the second has kept me so busy but I am still planning on my son's birthday party...I am looking for Caillou decoration, cups, plates, table cloth. I found some on Target online, but it is too expensive for a one day use. I may have to look up on Amazon my favorite online shopping site.

My son loves Caillou so much, I told him that you are having a sister soon what do you want to name her? He answered right away: Rosie...Rosie is Caillou's sister , I don't know does he see himself in Caillou? He uses most of his words like, Oops, Ah Oh, mommy, Gilbert (the cat).

Yesterday he told me a short story consisting of 10 words. I was like Bravo son you are doing pretty good...Can't wait to see him talking like us that will be such a bless.

love you son


Monday, March 2, 2015

Living our faded history

Are they human? Were they born from man and woman? They are created to destroy, kill, displace, burn, and do all type of cruel some acts...

I can't imagine that our ancient Assyrian art pieces are gone, manuscripts of 5000 B.C are burnt in trash cans. Not to mention the expulsion of all Christians from the city of Mosul.

Watching this video made me bitterly crying, I felt useless couldn't stand up and defend our great grandfathers' land, civilization, culture and churches...

That video motivated me in someway, I am in the process of decorating my house that we bought recently and I thought of buying everything that is related to the Lamassu (Human-headed winged bull) that was smashed last week, I would buy whatever I can find that suits my house and reminds me always of our ancient and great Assyrian history...

Design Toscana is one of the websites that sell elegant furniture, statues, memorials, wall arts, ..etc. I found couple of pieces as you can see below:

I will teach my kids about beautiful Iraq once upon a time, I will not share any bad memories of what is happening now there...

Let them picture Iraq as it was mentioned in the old books.

I would like to say special thanks to all Museums in Europe for keeping our stolen ancient artifacts at their locations, taking care of them as if they were originally  established there. You guys appreciate history!